Looking for a Technical Co-Founder to join Giden!

Hi Elphas,I have been working on Giden (, one of the first influencer marketing management platforms built specifically for the interior design and furniture manufacturer industry. I have been bootstrapping and doing user testing for the past 1.5 years with my co-founder, and we are now ready to scale our business by building a SasS platform! Influencer marketing is in its very early stage for the home industry, and we are so excited for this opportunity to build a solution in this space. We are seeking an experienced technology entrepreneur who is driven to apply their strong foundations in sass platforms and take a co-founder role in forming and scaling a new venture in the design industry. For more info, please see our job posting here: you, or know anyone in your circle of friends that have the passion, tenacity, and curiosity to build businesses from the ground up, this is the perfect environment for you to be successful. Let's connect! Shoot me an email at [email protected] :)
Hi Annie!! I am interested in this... DM you