Survey Q

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When you say you've never met, do you mean they have no idea who you are and what you're about? Are you reaching out cold on a group e.g facebook, elpha? or individual emails?It all depends how you frame itA lot of Elpha members share surveys and ask if people can fill them and if they could share this with their own friends/communities. If you are sending emails, make sure you individualise them and you curate them to the person you're sending (ie. it needs to resonate somehow, eg if you send a survey geared towards women going through menopause and you send it to a 25 year-old guy think twice about it)
@iynna, correct they don't know me but I always mention in the email that I'm on LinkedIn if they want to view my profile. And I'm sending surveys to individual emails and ask them to share it.
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You absolutely have the right to ask! whether or not they do decide to share it out within their network is their choice :)
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You totally can :-) And feel free to post it here on Elpha too if you want / if women is your demographic!