Crying for my beloved island Mauritius

Hi Elphas, My heart aches for our lagoon: Blue Bay. A foreign cargo had a wreck and failure to properly repair resulting in a massive oil spill in our protected lagoon. It was home to many endemic species!!!We're all putting heads together to manufacture "absorbing nets" to try to mitigate the oil in the seawater. It will take years before this ecosystem can be rebuilt!!!
Some additional photos
@maryqueen, Malagasy sister over here - I am so sorry this is happening back home :'( and there is a lot that needs to get fixed to preserve our environmental ecosystem and it starts here with spreading awareness ! So glad you posted here
How bad it is!!! 😭😭😭😭
This is so sad!! I've heard only beautiful things about Mauritius. How are the animals doing from the spill?
Very bad! We’re all collaborating with the Mauritius Wildlife to rescue the endemic animals from small islands around Mauritius forming part of the territory. Our zoo is helping to shelter those rescued! 😭😭
The ship is kind of partially sinking and stuck in the coral reefs! The foreign country has sent help but seems like it’s a tedious task! Those coral reefs were in a protected zone
Effective hair based nets to prevent oil spill from spreading! 🙌🙌🙌 Little win! Still the wrecked ship is sinking. Re: Titanic😢🙏