Intention Over Profit During This Crisis

I talked 3 potential clients this week out of writing press releases because I knew it would not move the needle for them during this crazy media landscape with the coronavirus. These founders and startups are doing great things to help, and they were convinced that issuing press releases was the way to get the word out, but in this time of need, it was clear that using content marketing would have been more effective. It would have been easy money, and money I could have used during this challenging business environment, but as I've written in my post about getting back to our founders' intention during this difficult time, the time is NOW to give value first. In the long run, people will remember your integrity and intention and it will always come back to you--in fact, it already has.I've gotten so much value from meeting new experts and friends on linkedin; good humans who have freely given their time and expertise to me to help me answer questions I had about my own business and provided insight that helped me.Trust that not all is lost. Believe that you are more than the money you make. Know that this NOT a zero-sum game. I am living proof that it isn't. Connect with me if you have stories you want to share
Thank you for working from your point of intention during these times. Not sure if it is more time spent on ELPHA alone or a combination of ELPHA and seeing everyday people just trying to pitch in and to do their best for each other but, I feel better about humankind now than I have in a long while .πŸ™πŸΎAll