Looking for my next challenges in the data-verse

Hello everyone!

I'm a seasoned coder and data-er with 10+ years hands-on experience across various industries (3+) and work environments (logistics, food & beverages, education, corporate, startups). I have practical expertise in all aspects of a complete data pipeline (collection, ingestion, analysis, modeling, engineering, deployment).

Most recently, as the sole backend engineer of a two-person AI startup, I built and scaled our complete tech stack to a capacity of 100k+inputs per minute.

I’m easy going, down to earth. I also daydream a lot. I think that little by little, together, we can make the world a better place!

Lastly, I’m job hunting, for a data position (data scientist, machine learning engineer, AI engineer) at an organization that aims to do good with a collaborative team. Please reach out if you have any leads, just to say hi, or if I can help in any ways!

Thanks a lot for sharing, you have terrific operating experience. I tagged our Job Hunting community for greater visibility :) And check out the data roles from our partner companies here