B2B SaaS marketers, what's top of mind for you these days?

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Ooo great question. One thing I’ve been thinking about is how many other B2B SaaS marketers are so active on LinkedIn — posting every single day and essentially promoting themselves / contrarian views. I understand why they do it, to get engagement and network but it’s kind of exhausting seeing these posts because most of the time it’s fluff / being controversial for controversy’s sake. Usually it’s men in B2B SaaS (sales or marketing) doing it. But I wonder if that is just what you have to do to get noticed as a “thought leader” nowadays.
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I've definitely noticed that happening a lot more on LI nowadays. It becomes tough to access really solid, good content on LI. But then again, a lot of people are engaging with those type of content and find value in them as well. So I try to think of it as sometimes what we find as fluffy might be total new knowledge to someone else. I also find LI is becoming more of a "bite-size" content platform so that also feeds into the fluff/contrarian loop. Would love to discuss this further, will DM you! :)