Time & Space: A Meeting Space for Moms

Hey there-

I am a trained facilitator, creator, and mom, who helps moms remember to make room for themselves, especially during the exceptionally busy early years. If any of these questions resonate with you, reach out! I am starting a first round of “beta” sessions next month.

Time & Space: A Meeting Space for Moms

Do you, as a mom, give to everyone else only to find yourself depleted, sad or

even resentful of those you love?

Do you look back on who you were BEFORE you were a mother and think -

was that interesting, dynamic, sexy person really me??

Do you feel guilty for having these complaints when the truth is that you love your family, your child, your life - you just need more of yourself in it?

What would it feel like to give yourself Time & Space?

Join me and an intimate group of moms and take the time, I’ll hold the space, to together discover new ways of being that FEEL as good as the old ways remembered.

What is holding space?

It is the act of making room for big (or little) thoughts, big (or hidden) feelings, big (or satisfying) ideas. Space for whatever you bring into the room - all the big (sometimes scary) feelings, the guilt, the frustration, the exhaustion, the joy, the wins that no one else sees. There is room for all of it.

What are you getting?

  • Refuge - a place dedicated to YOU.
  • Time to think, time to breathe, time to connect to other women. We’ll keep it as a small group purposefully because a big part of this is the opportunity to speak without interruption and be heard.
  • Topics might include navigating work postpartum, family and intergenerational dynamics and more - you choose what to bring into the space.
  • As an experienced facilitator I’m an expert at holding space for you with curiosity, respect and authenticity. As a fellow mom, of a feisty 15 month old, I get it, I mean REALLY get it, and bring that empathy and understanding into the room.

The Opportunity

  • 4 small group sessions that are 60 minutes each (this round will be virtual but there will be IRL offerings in the future).
  • A discounted price of $125 for this “beta” round of sessions. *

Come feel heard, held and seen. Confidential, judgment free space.

All my best,

Rebecca Flanders, MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation

* If you’re interested but don’t think you have time next month, sign up and I’ll add you to a list for future sessions.