Looking for Beta Testers for New Dating Platform 💚

Hi all :) I’m launching a beta for a new, female-founded dating platform, and I would love it if you would be some of our first users! Jade takes the stress out of online dating by curating a daily batch of love interests based on your answers to questions about what matters to you. Jade’s features counteract the bad behaviors dating apps have taught us (no more endless swiping!) and helps you focus on finding meaningful connections.Jade also has concierge services that help you plan first dates (that don’t feel like first dates), brush up your profile, and find the answers to your dating questions! You can talk to the concierge about whatever is on your mind.We’re looking for thoughtful daters looking for love. If you’re single, please consider signing up for our first wave! If you’re paired up, please send Jade to any single friends who are looking for love and/or follow us on Insta ( and Twitter (
Signed up! Also tagging @iynna ;)
@teresaman thank you 💚
signed up! Waiting for the invite :)
@MansiT thank you, please let me know your thoughts when its live! we are building our waitlist now, so that when we launch (very soon), everyone will have high quality matches.
I signed up too - I love being a tester!
thank you @iynna! When you sign up, you’ll get a text. Text back “RUBY” to get to the top of the waitlist. We are building the waitlist now (want to be able to provide high quality matches from the start) and will be going live soon. Looking forward to your feedback 💚
Oh amazing I did and referred someone else's too who may be curious to learn :) As for the feedback how should we get them over to you? Or will you send more details after first match? :)
Thank you so much :) We will be reaching out specifically after you've matched with someone but once we are live please dm me here (or [email protected]) if any feedback comes up while using the product before you get a match!
Hello! Do you want poly people yet?
asking bc I totally understand if you’re not ready for us at this time :)