Looking to speak to folks who have bought diamond jewellery

Hi there! I manage a wholesale diamond business and am exploring ways in which our expertise in diamonds could be helpful to individuals buying diamond jewellery.

For example, as wholesalers, we have a keen sense for how much diamonds and diamond jewellery should cost. We could offer folks a second opinion on jewellery they're considering buying, based on our assessment of the quality and price of the product.

I'd love to speak to anyone who's bought diamond jewellery in the past to hear more about how you approached the buying process and any pain points / challenges you experienced.

Thank you - really appreciate your help!

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I wish I could be eligible haha! However I want to tag @lucyz who founded a wedding planning company - she might have some clients/people in her network who can help! This sparks a new idea, you should reach out to wedding planners in general :)
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Thanks so much iynna! Will reach out to Lucy and that’s a great idea for me to reach out to wedding planners! Hadn’t thought of that.