Survey: how active are you and how do you feel about it? 10 - 15 min survey

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This was super fun! Just completed :)
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Done :)Just one curious question though, are you targeting an audience from any particular geography to start with?
Thank you! I am still trying to figure out who exactly is my early adopter and what demographics that person will fall under. I am generally targeting users that are comfortable with their smartphones and in urban/suburban areas with office-like jobs that lead to a lot of sitting - and perhaps a need for this solution. If you have any tips on audience targeting, please let me know. I am just learning on how to do this from the course.
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The reason I asked for geography is, there may be an aspect of cultural difference which may add up a bit of confusion in understanding your early customers. Nothing else!Your survey had a good bunch of questions which will definitely help you find some early adopters. I am not sure about the place you live, just being creative here, placing simple flyers about what you are trying to validate at billing counters in Starbucks like places, shops that women visit frequently, train stations where you can find your potential adopters, giving some small freebies to motivate can be a good starting point. Or, if you are thinking of digital ways only then writing in related blog sites may help.Not sure whether these will work, thought no harm in sharing :)Also, came across a post in elpha by @Tharamaroa on a webinar on product market fit. That may also throw you some ideas. Here is the link to the post:
Hello! Thank you so much for your thoughtful answer. The course has also mentioned thinking about how to do offline outreach to potential customers. It's not the first thing that comes to mind, but it is creative and could have some potential. I live in a large city, and could totally do a flyer thing. I will think about it some more. Also thank you for the event link, I am going to sign up!
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Done! Though I didn't like clicking the 34-40 age range! ;) HAHA Jk. Good luck!