Global Discord Server for Women in Tech and Product

Hi All,

Having worked in the tech past 7.8 years I know the good and bad side of tech industry as well as the number of women who are looking for mentors to break the tech ceiling. As a soultion, I have created a discord server ( join using link : for women who want to get into tech or product, women who are already making their mark in tech , women who are founders looking for fund raising and women who are currently students ( pursuing BS/MS/PhD/Post Doc in STEM field.

No matter where you are located, what stage are you at in your tech journey or how do you want to navigate your tech career, this discord server has channels for all the resources that you can explore, members you can connect with and build a great network.

Join us! This is open to all the amazing women from all over the world who want to write their own destiny.

Thanks :)


- A women in tech

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@pswoman Joined!
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Thanks and please spread the word to ur female colleagues/friends in tech šŸ™‚
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love this thank you @pswoman
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Sure. You are welcome. Also, spread the word.
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@pswoman - I would love to join but the link has expired for me. Can you send a new one? Thanks!
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Thanks - I'm in
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So cool. Also, spread the word.
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Hi @pswoman, thanks for the amazing initiative! Is the discord still open?
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You are welcome. Spread the word. :)
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Hi @pswoman I would love to join the discord community but the link has expired. Could you please post it again?
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Sure. This is the link :
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Joined! Thanks!
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Spread the word. We are now more than 100 women in tech supporting each other.