Remote is hiring - join us! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»β€οΈπŸš€

Hello Elpha community! Remote is looking for a variety of professionals:


  1. Director of Product, Fintech
  2. Director of Product
  3. Senior Product Manager, Finance


  1. Backend Engineer (Automation)
  2. Engineering Manager
  3. Engineering Team Leader
  4. Senior Backend Engineer
  5. Senior Backend Engineer - Elixir

All of these roles are remote and asynchronous! If you have any questions about these positions, let me know. I'd love to help!

I interviewed with remote about a year ago, for a marketing position I am very well qualified for. When I met the hiring manager, it went ok but got a super weird vibe from him. I think I followed up and finally got one of those polite rejection emails.
Very fitting for your company to be fully remote hehe!
Hi Alma,I applied to the open Engineering Manager position at Remote! I'd love to connect to find out more about what type of candidate you're looking for the EM role.