Engineers, PMs, and Product Designers for consultancy MojoTech

MojoTech has been around since 2008, consulting for clients including Under Armor, MoneyLion, Credit Karma, and a number of lesser known companies. We build MVPs, internal business tools, and new SaaS features and services within existing products.

We have two offices (Boulder,CO and Providence, RI) and also hire senior candidates (5+ years of experience) to work remotely.

All roles are full time and salaried, health, dental, vision, FSA with employer contributions, a 4% 401k match, paid parental leave, and trust based time off.

We are continuously hiring PMs, Engineers, and Product Designers.

I am the only recruiter at MojoTech, feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]

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Are you looking into hiring community managers at all (is that even a thing for the business you're in)?
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Not a thing as of now
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