Looking for Front End or Full Stack Developer

I am currently looking for a Full Stack or Front end developer roles, As a skilled Software Engineer with over 9 years of experience, I specialize in developing user-friendly and efficient software applications.

My expertise includes working with technologies such as React, GraphQL, JavaScript, MySQL, and TypeScript. I have implemented UI designs in various product areas using React, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL. Moreover, I have worked on developing a new schema with GraphQL and maintained the API, resulting in an improved performance of the platform.In addition, I have implemented automated testing using Jest and Enzyme, leading to a 70% reduction in testing time and improved product quality. I have conducted code reviews and provided feedback to ensure code quality and adherence to best practices. I have also used Docker to test the code efficiently.

Currently looking for remote or any roles near DMV area.

Please message me if you have any roles open or can refer me, it would be a great help. Thanks! Appreciate it

Hi! Your background sounds amazing! Are you interested in startups at all? Would love to talk more if you have time :)PS. I live in the DMV area!
Thanks Anna, nice to e-meet someone from the DMV area, Yes would like to know about the startup and what stage, will DM you