How do you, perfectly, off board a client?

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Hi hi,In the past, I had clients that kept knocking although they had received all info & assets in a structured & clear way. It is just easier to ask "a quick question".I would suggest scheduling a "post handover" meeting 3 weeks after the end date. And to create a shared doc where they can collect their questions for this meeting. This way, they have the opportunity to figure things out by themselves for awhile but know they have a last opportunity to ask questions. Secondly, you can answer follow-up questions with: "I'll add it to our post-handover meeting." And more importantly, you can finish up cleanly and move on to the next project while the client doesn't feel dumped and had a fair time to adjust to the transition. Anyway, that's my suggestion. Good luck
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Oh this is good!!I'm going to relay this to the team! Thanks!