MVP Build Funding

Hi everyone! I’m about ready to build my MVP and need to raise the capital to do so. Interested in hearing how you raised funding for your MVP build that wasn’t friends and family. Thanks!
Some work through accelerators so that they can expand their network. This one has a deadline of 9/8 that may be worth checking out:, I know some startups who did crfowsourcing. This is a good article about some of the most used one:
Awesome, thanks for the info!
Agree with the accelerators and crowdfunding resources. I'd add the below to the list:Some other crowdfunding or accelerator type programs are: www.ifundwomen.comwww.republic.com bubble (no-code platform) has a Bootcamp which will get you to your MVP in 8 weeks. If you're creating a marketplace you could definitely make that happen:
Thank you - this is sooo helpful!