Empowering Women in Technology Mastermind -- Our FREE Gift to Lift

Empowering Women in Technology Mastermind --- Our FREE Gift to Lift!Are you a mid-career woman in technology looking to take your career to the next level? Are you interested in working with a small group of like-minded, supportive women who will help you brainstorm, and hold you accountable to implement your goals? If so, then we invite you to register for our FREE 6 session Empowering Women in Technology Mastermind group. This is our gift to you! Starting late April 2021, a small group of women will meet for one-hour weekly to discuss topics and goals chosen by you. Select the date/time that works best for you when you register. This Mastermind Group will be co-led by Leslie Rosen, an International Coaching Federation certified Executive Coach and Deborah Sgro, a National Career Development Association certified Career Coach. Both Deborah and Leslie have spent their careers successfully navigating the challenges in the tech industry.Please use this link to register no later than April 5, 2021
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