Seeking Software Developers For Early Stage Startup, Grant Opportunity

Hi, I am looking for software developers (preferably female, so Elpha is perfect) to become part of a grant opportunity to build the MVP for ground-breaking new resource to help women advance more quickly, especially in STEM careers.

If you check out the website I put in this posting, you'll get a sense of my work. This new tech is for my other related company. We have a significant grant opportunity and need software talent to round out the team.

We need more than one developer, so if I've peeked your curiosity, please reach out. I see lots of women software developers listed on Elpha, so don't be shy.

Please email me for more info and to schedule a time. My email is [email protected] to reach me more quickly.

Thanks and I look forward to explloring having you join us on this exciting journey!

All the best,


Hi! This is to apply for a grant or to build it because it has been approved? We can connect on linkedin