Advice for New Job Title and Promotion

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Hi @NadiraFant,I think is a really good organized approach that will force them to take you seriously. You have very clearly done your research and for them to not move forward with the promotion/raise would be going against the data you presented. Three things that have worked for me in the past when negotiating (if you haven't done them already) are: 1) Push for more than what you want - normally as females, we are too honest. As you have said here, you have marked where you are on the spectrum of positions. Typically, a male counterpart would most likely put themselves a few notches higher than we would, so really make sure you aren't being too critical of your skills and perhaps stretch yourself to where someone else might see you - maybe a few notches higher. I would advise this when presenting your ideal salary as well. 2) Do your research for salaries in the market and make sure you aim for the compensation you deserve. 3) If you need to, you could always apply to a few comparable jobs in the market to get a feel for what you would get offered. At the very least, lining up other job ads for the job you would want and having them to compare with what you are asking for is a very strong negotiation tactic.Best of luck - I'm sure it will work out as your approach is really strong!
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Hi Nadira, great work on advocating for yourself to get this raise and not allowing them to not further the conversation. My minor suggestion would be to remove the word "should" in the first paragraph and replace it with "can". I agree with Sophie to advocate for slightly higher than anticipated so you can negotiate to a range that is what you're looking for. Best of luck!!
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thank you @nicholeharrop and @sophieaignerThanks for your support and comments! My heart is filled with nervousness about taking control of this conversation. I dont know wut response I'll be met with from my bosses, but this is something I know i have to move forward with this to advance my own career and avoid stagnation.You both brought up very good points about advocating for higher pay rather than what I think I deserve. I do humble myself without meaning too at times and this is something I have to work on. Im going to be confronting my bosses this week!
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You're going to do great. I coach women on this all the time and I also still get nervous when those conversations happen. If it doesn't work in your favor, you'll likely start looking elsewhere to find a place and people who value what you have to offer. We're all cheering for you!