Anyone from the book publishing world in Elpha?

Hi Elphas, I was wondering if anyone here works in book publishing. I have a friend who is published in Turkey but would like to get his [non-fiction/non-memoir] book published in the US but isn't sure what the process is and he'd love some guidance. If you're in book publishing or have connections of friendly folks who'd be willing to give some advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. Feel free to DM me or send a message to [email protected] In exchange, I'd be happy to gift you a free online workout with a real, live personal trainer, pilates or yoga instructor :-)Thanks!
Thanks, Iynna! I hadn't seen this thread - thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'm not sure if my friend is interested in the self-publishing route but will find out.
Ha! Another avenue, who knows? BTW you could ping one of the people who commented on the thread, I'm sure they'd love to give you/your friends some insights :-)