How is everyone taking care of themselves today?

Hey everyone, This week has been long! What is something that you are doing to take care of yourself today?

Getting outdoors. Sunshine and fresh air is good for the soul!
Strongly agree! I give myself small 10 min breaks to walk my dogs and relax
Working out and karaoke sessions as I'm doing independent work!
lol How fun!
I love this karaoke hehe! What type of independent work do you do?:)
When I'm not facilitating a meeting/team discussion, participating in one, or chatting in a 1-1, I'm typically writing internal documentation for knowledge transfer/building a repository of institutional knowledge, analyzing product & infrastructure usage data, or self-learning about our tech stack or product management. Perfect time to turn up the tunes! :)
Today was not very productive for me. I just got through my first batch of midterms and I was just super exhausted so other than doing laundry, and going out to eat dim sum πŸ˜…πŸ€— I lied down and binged a show on Hulu.. 😐
Going out to eat would be taking care of yourself :) lol you need to eat!
truth :) I meant more I did not feel like anything else was accomplished haha
Thats okay, sometimes just getting out of bed is an accomplishment!
Evening salsa dancing lessons, even when I'm tired. It really helps you reset your mind and have some fun.
That does sound so fun!
cancelling plans that I'm not sure about. Being more unforgiving about saying no!
Thats awesome! Learning to say no is a great way to set boundaries