My name is Gaby Hernandez, a Canadian Citizen living temporarily in Mexico, winding up things after my mom's passing and ready to go back to Canada. I am scouring Canadian cities where I can settle, however, I need to tailor a plan. My mom was my only family, in this case, it is only myself and my dog. Having to cover a few expenses at this point, it would be better to relocate with a job already in place. I am still unsure where my new home and job are. I would like to know your thoughts and advice.

For Canada, I do not need a visa. For the US and Europe a work permit is required I am open to moving anywhere. It would be great if we can schedule a 15-minute video meeting.

I would like to know your thoughts and advice. I am ready to move, start a new life, build a solid community and a new career path.

Thank you!

First of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like you're being super brave and optimistic about what's to come in your next chapter, so sending you love towards your new journey.I'm also a Canadian citizen and currently working in US. My advice would be to find a job in Canada where you don't need to apply for any visas. Given the job market, I do think that would add an extra layer of complexity for prospective employers and it would be easier in my view to focus your time where the entry requirements won't be a potential hurdle.
I am doing that already and it has been almost 2 years with no success. Applying online is no longer the norm so networking is key. The fact that I am in Mexico, I am encountering companies that want me to remain in Mexico unfortunately. Thank you.