Looking for anyone interested in speaking, visibility, and leadership who'd like to work with me for free.

I wanted to share this special opportunity to this great community. I'm a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and communication expert who helps leaders gain visibility through public speaking. I'm gearing up to launch a new coaching program later this summer, but first I need some people to try it out for FREE and give me their honest feedback. In this exclusive 10-week experience, I'll help you:- Write and deliver the best talk of your life.- Learn how to repurpose that signature speech indefinitely so you can't stop wasting countless hours trying to come up with new content.- Understand the ins and outs of getting publicity and visibility to take you from virtually unknown to a go-to authority in your niche.- Know where to speak, what to say, and HOW to say it so you can show up as the most comfortable, confident version of yourself.With a combination of both group and private coaching, you'll get real feedback and guidance through the entire process.I only have space for 20 people, and about half those spots are already filled.While future programs will cost around $5k, my founding members (hopefully, YOU) get to experience it all for ZERO dollars.So if speaking, visibility, growth, and leadership have been on your mind, take this as a sign to jump in with both feet and join me.You can read all the details and apply here: me know if you have any questions! I'd love to work with you.
@RobinKonie Did you get enough volunteers? How did it go? I'd be interested to touch base if this offer stands.