How I transitioned from Engineer to PM and eventually founder – Meha AgrawalFeatured

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I really appreciate your story and the step wise method to becoming founder. I'm curious what your biggest challenge may have been going from engineer to PM? It sounds like you had the skill set required through your work and had truly set yourself up for success in moving into the PM role. Also congrats on founding SILK + SONDER, you've created a beautiful product!
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Hi! Thank you for your kind words. Great question - it was indeed a challenge to switch from being an Engineer to PM. A lot of recruiters wanted to hire me for my software engineering background (given the high demand) and hiring managers shrugged me off because I didn't have official PM experience. The best advice I can shed on this transition is to (1) move internally if you can - it's much easier to make a switch within a company for a different role than transitioning into a new role at a new company at once, (2) be open to working as a consultant and/or for an agency - having "Product Manager" on your resume will get you the interviews you want at other companies (it's unfortunately the reality), (3) create a resume that's better suited for the PM role (less emphasis on your "technical prowess" and more on your people / project / product management skills). Hope that helps and happy to share more!
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How did would you suggest someone transitioning into a PM role do consultancy or agency work? I think a lot of people can benefit from your insight related to transitioning within your careers.