Looking to speak with people who want to get their personal finances in orderhttps://www.intentionalmoneycoach.com/

Hi! I started a business earlier this year and am hoping to speak with a few people to understand what you need help with to feel in control of your finances.

I've piloted a curriculum, but really want to improve it. Hearing what you need help with, in your words, will help me refine and then promote the 1:1 and/or group programs. I would really appreciate your help!

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You must connect with @yxzhang who does very similar work - hopefully you can combine forces!
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Hi! Thank you so much for this recommendation. Messaging her now. We even both went to the same school!
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See this was meant to be!!!! So happy to see this!Oh and I tagged Money to your post for greater visibility!
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My company is working on an app/product focused on being more mindful about money and spending intentionally. The mission is to give people the freedom to buy the things they want without shame and without the burden of short-term credit. I’d love to have a chat with you sometime about your perspectives on this issue! In time we will want to partner with people on the educational/advice side and I love what you’re saying in your profile. Would you be open to a conversation?
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Larissa and Ankita, I have an app development agency and would love to help in any way I can with product execution. My email is [email protected] and our site is www.wlcm.studio. Good luck and please keep me posted on your apps!
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Thank you, Lindsay! I’m new to the app development world and our incredible team of developers is doing amazing work but I’m definitely always on the lookout for advice from people who know more than I do 🌈🦄💜💃 Perhaps we could connect and I can run you through the plan? Maybe you’ll see things we’re not that will make this whole process smoother 🥰
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Definitely! Building an app like that was on my eventual list, but even better if I can find someone to partner with.
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Yes! Collaboration all the way. Sending you a message!
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I'd love to chat about it!1. I might be one of your customers in the future (money is so complicated...)2. I work in a technical role in the data space, so could also help with architecture etc.
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Thank you Nadine I’ll DM you!
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Would be happy to chat - believe I am your target customer :)
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Same here!
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Thank you! Sending you a message!
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Yay, thank you. I would love that! Sending you a message.
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Currently stuck in the analysis paralysis loop with money, so happy to chat if you think it would help!
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Yes!! Thats exactly what I am trying to help with. I'll send you a message.
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Happy to help
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Me! Feel free to DM me!
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Sending you a DM!
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open to chatting as well!
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Hi there! I sent you a DM with a link to my calendar, if you're still open to speaking, I would be so grateful!
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I would absolutely love to chat! Please feel free to DM me if you are still looking to chat with more people.
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Definitely! Sending you a message
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Hi Ankita! If you're still looking for volunteers to help, I'm happy to do so!
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Yes! Id love to, will send you a link to book some time
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Happy to chat as well
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Id be so grateful! Sending you a message
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Hi Ankita! I would also love to chat if you're still looking for more feedback!
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Sure! Sending you a message
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Hi Sophie,Thank you so much for your willingness to help out and speak with me. I couldn't send you a direct message for some reason. Feel free to use this link to book a time: https://calendly.com/ankitaterrell/20min?month=2021-09 Let me know if a specific time works better for you,Ankita
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Happy to connect if you are still looking for input!
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So sorry I somehow completely missed your message!
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Happy to chat if you're looking for input still!
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Thank you for your offer! I'm all set - I solidified and pivoted my business, I had so much great input! Always happy to connect though :)