Free Salesforce Developer Camp Opportunity for Women

Hi everyone! A company I work with, Camp4, is offering free seats in a Women in Tech Salesforce Developer Camp starting this April. This Camp is open to anyone who identifies as a woman and is interested in transitioning their minimum of 2+ years in software development skills using Object-Oriented Programming/Java or .NET to the Salesforce platform. If you’re interested in applying for this Camp you can view the full requirements and program details on the application page. And if you have any questions about the Camp feel free to ping me here

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Thanks for sharing! housekeeping note - combined your two posts!
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Perfect thank you! I didn't realize saying public pushed it wider than the channel.
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Thanks for sharing!! Can I sign up if I've used Salesforce for clients but would love to learn more? I'm asking because it says "must have two years of experience in development." Thank you in advance
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Hey @joycelyndghansah! It probably depends on how comfortable you feel with Salesforce development since you've already done it with clients. The 1st step of the application is a quick chat with one of the program hosts to get a feel for your experience and tell you more about the program. If you send me an email to [email protected] then I can connect you two for a chat!