Seeking a Startup Strategist

Hi all! I'm Rachel, the founder and CEO of WOKEN, a D2C startup that offers career exploration software and coaching. We've bootstrapped for 5.5 years and I've just scaled to have a second career coach on my team. I'm excited to expand... but we have approximately ~15 strategic directions we can go to take our company to the next stage, and I'm not sure which way to go. I know there's no right answer but I was wondering if anyone is focused on Startup Strategy who might be able to help me think through the options/pros/cons and settle on a direction. Some of the options/initial ideas I have are bootstrapping more D2C, bootstrapping and add B2B, bootstrapping and add B2B2C, fundraising, crowdfunding, debt, M&A, and more. Please email [email protected] if you think you can help!

@DianePrince could maybe help…?
Thanks for the mention, @stephaniecn! @rachelserwetz - Slack me if you want a session to talk it through!