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How we motivated our developers to learn new technologies and upskill with minimal supervision

I'm confused... why does anyone care whether or not people are learning something that they specifically *aren't* going to use at their job?
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Hello @mafaldamarques! Thanks for bringing this question up. For context, I'm from a tech agency. These topics that we encourage them to learn are not unrelated to their jobs. They are not required by their projects at the moment, but would most likely be used for another project later on.A common situation we get into is that we get new projects that require technology we haven't had much experience with before, so what happens is that the developer only learns the tech as they go through the project, which is not ideal because it takes the developer more time than usual to deliver. Another example would be learning clean code. We only have a few clients that require us to use clean code so only the developers assigned to those projects are sure to learn clean code, and for us in the management level we would want the rest of the development team to learn that too even if their client projects do not require it. To sum up, it would be ideal if they already learned these things when they had more leeway before they work on projects that require them to do so.I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have questions and I'll be glad to address them!
I see. I'm curious about what your users (developers) think about it?