Anyone have any virtual Team Bonding ideas?

The CEO of my company has asked me to a plan a fun activity for the company during our virtual offsite and I'm looking for inspiration. Our team is small, about 10 people. Any ideas are welcome!
I wrote about virtual games for remote teams here. Lots of ‘Remote fun’ ideas: hope it helps!
How about a virtual beer tasting or wine. YAY concierge
We've done some fun Airbnb experiences virtually, including a goat farm tour and a drag queen sangria making class (we asked everyone to expense what they needed to make the drinks). We also did a virtual scavenger hunt where someone had a list of things (e.g. "something that is gray", or "something that begins with the letter E") and whoever is the first to grab and bring back to the Zoom wins.
@JessicaRoque - you may want to check Confetti :)