What kind of business should you build?https://the-ask.uk/resources/founder-model-canvas

There are SO many types of businesses you can build today.

How do you decide on the big idea, and how to bring it to life?

Questions like VC vs. bootstrapped? Online v offline? Cofounders v solo founder.

After working with hundreds of startup founders and early stage business owners I have seen how asking the right questions can support you to find the answers.

The Business Model Canvas helps you to build your business, but I've created a Founder Model Canvas to help you figure out which business to build in the first place.

These are the questions you can ask yourself:

1. How do you want to design your life?

2. What entrepreneur type is right for you?

3. What is your unfair advantage?

4. What strengths and talents do you have?

5. What passions and causes do you care about?

6. What is your internal and external WHY?

7. What are your key drivers and motivations?

To help you answer these questions, I’ve created this resource with prompts to fill in and tools to use.

Download your Founder Model Canvas now.

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