Sponsor free mental health care for people of color, by people of colorhttps://mywellbeing.com

Hey Elpha fam -- so excited to announce that we at MyWellbeing are going big this Mental Health Awareness Month (May) and we're excited to collab with YOU!The best part? We do all of the work for you.This is both an epic opportunity for social impact (bringing free mental health care to people of color) and for marketing/branding your org. We do not advertise to our growing community (over 86K on IG and over 40K email subscribers) outside of this and you can uniquely reach them with a cause and message they care about. Learn more in the attached and lemme know if you're interested: [email protected]
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Thanks for s haring Alyssa! Letting you know I've consolidated your 3 posts into one!
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I don't see anything attached. Can you provide more details about what orgs you're looking for and what kind of partnership this is?
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Of course! I am realizing that the attachment didn't attach here -- generally we are excited to partner with any brands who are committed to supporting people of color. This partnership will be especially beneficial for brands who would benefit from a unique marketing opportunity to reach consumers in the health and wellness space. For ex: we are a mental health company, so our followers are primarily mental health enthusiasts and/or therapy- or coaching-goers. They could benefit media companies, other health and wellness companies, consumer brands, and more. We are asking for a $10,000 contribution from our core sponsor. We are asking for a $2,000 contribution from other key sponsors. Both come with a number of benefits and social and email features. That said, we can apply any donation to sponsoring free mental health care for people of color by people of color; donations of smaller amounts would not have the same marketing benefits and promotion, but they would still make a meaningful impact.Email me at [email protected] for more info and/or to see the full details!