Calling all Elphas interested in mindfulness + purpose-aligned career growth

Hi Elphas!If you're interested in personal growth, mindfulness, and purpose-aligned success, I'd love to have you join our new Elpha community (linked) around these topics. You can expect resources + discussion on things like:⚡️silencing your inner critic⚡️showing up confidently at work + in life⚡️preventing stress / burnout⚡️overcoming self doubt / self sabotage⚡️showing up confidently at work + in lifeand related topics. I'd love to have you be part of the community, and would also love to hear what questions in this space you'd like covered. Please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below! Look forward to seeing you there! :)
Looking forward to hearing more about "showing up confidently in life" and living by your values!
Will definitely be talking about this more!
This is a great idea, thanks for creating this group! I'd also love to talk about 1- what are others paths to continuing their passions - did they think about pivoting, what challenges did they overcome, why did they continue on that path, etc. 2- When is pivoting healthy vs considered running away?I'm a staff UX designer/researcher turned consultant in an effort to discover my purpose / passion and the best way to use my skills and time. At the moment, I'm curious when have I given something a good try and when I just know it's not for me? I'm in this discovery phase, but I love to help other people with their journey's and growth.
These are such good questions @emilycanina! Would love to hear others’ perspectives on this too and will think about what i can put together on this topic as well
Thanks! A few things that come to mind that could be helpful:1 - small group discussions on each persons stories and paths towards their passion/ purpose2- A panel 3- Members post their storiesIt's helpful for me to hear stories but also to be interactive and ask questions, tell my story and constructively compare to see how we can both improve or learn.
Love these ideas! I think a discussion / panel would be really helpful as well
I would love to be a part of this as well! I just wrote a contributor article (to hopefully appear in a few weeks) about how negative feedback and stress used to amplify my inner critic.Looking forward to being a part of the community and sharing discussion with everyone.
Such an important topic - excited to read and have you in the community!
@HannahShtein I can't find the website. I would love to part of it.
Hey Margot!! I've moved it to my Facebook community and would love to have you join!!