Where to find like minded people?

Hello, amazing people!

I am loving the Elpha community and thought of sharing my thoughts here. I worked as a product manager for the last 8 years (total 14 years experience) for companies like Amazon, Walt Disney. But now I want to do more and feel like giving back something beautiful to the world.

The problem:

I started life coaching others around 7-8 months back and it has been a very satisfying experience. After talking to so many people I realized that most of us have a lot of limiting beliefs that are holding us back from becoming our best versions. I see a lot of people giving up on their dreams because they feel it is too far away.

The solution:

Having personally worked on my own belief systems and going through the self-discovery process, I realized not many people can easily spend time on self-development. So I wanted to build a device that would help people -

1. Connect to their higher self and speak to their inner wisdom.

2. Manifest their dream life fast.

3. Perform astral projections

4. Remove limiting beliefs

5. Receive guidance and answers to their challenges from their higher self

6. Feeling happy and finding their purpose

I call it spiritual tech. 😄


I did some deep research into emotional states, vibrations, and how to shift to our future selves. And found there are some NGOs and companies who have already done some phenomenal work in creating partly spiritual tech products (e.g., ,

Looking for allies:

I want to take it to the next level and was looking for like-minded allies who are interested to explore this concept with me. I am looking for people who have a deep interest in metaphysics, and quantum physics. Or have some knowledge of EEG, devices, heart/brain waves, or astral projections. Please comment here or message me if this sounds exciting to you.

If you feel you may know someone who is not a part of Elpha, please share their LinkedIn profile with me in a message.

Thanks a lot and lots of love for sharing your thoughts <3

Hi @moumitapaul Moumita …… so proud of your journey and I’m happy to chat, I can possibly connect you with people who are interested. I believe a lot of us have walked this path without knowing more about it or had the support you speak of.
Yep will be very happy to! Messaging you on Elpha :D
Hi Moumita - I've been working for over two years with a great tech-centered non-profit called The Institute for Love and Time ( I was the project manager for an app called "Time Machine" that helps people learn to talk more lovingly to and with their past, present and future selves. Would be happy to have a virtual coffee to discuss my experience and make connections.
I'd love to! Sending you a message on Elpha
Hi Moumita! @dimplekochikar mentioned that I should look you up! I co-founded a non-device, marketplace platform called It's like BetterHelp for spirituality. Let me know if it'd be of any interest for you to connect!
Hey thanks, Miriam for reaching out. I am very curious about the concept of spiritual direction as mentioned in your website because I am wondering what take it has in spirit guides, akashic records, higher self, etc. Messaging you on Elpha