NewsIn.IT - Free IT exam vouchers, free Udemy courses, free IT bootcamps, scholarships, and more!

I've read so many times that you should solve your own problem, and so since I research things to take advantage of for FREE or CHEAP, I decided to build NewsIn.IT. I have won scholarships, a free bootcamp, free vouchers, tickets to events, and more. So I decided to share what I find with others.
Great idea, thanks for sharing!
You're welcome!
This is really cool! Could you give us an example of what kinds of certifications or bootcamps you've found? I want to make sure there are classes I'd be interested in
Everyone has been satisfied. It's what is available at the moment and what my bots scrape for me. Changes daily, weekly, monthly.
Cool! I just signed up and already used two codes- thanks so much!!
You might want to add @Wakana's great resource:
Thanks I found out about this...this morning! I appreciate it!
Amazing - so many members are promoting stuff here so I am sure you will be able to source some good resources for your site.