We want to invite everyone to our upcoming online event - Build the future with your dream team on Saturday, October 24th from 10am-11am EST!Are you interested in one or more of the following?- Finding a co-founder for your startup idea (no matter what stage you are)?- Looking for talented individuals to join your startup?- Looking to join a startup with an exciting mission?Then this is the event for you!We will match you with other members of the community for curated networking. You will get to know potential collaborators and pitch your idea/startup to an intimate and supportive group.This is a great opportunity to find people who have a passion for your startup’s mission or a founder who shares your values and is looking for their team and someone with your skillset!Check out more details here!https://www.eventbrite.com/e/build-the-future-with-your-dream-team-tickets-123264650889
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Hi Michele! Thank you so much for sharing. This sounds like an amazing event. I see that located in Canada. Would you be able to provide more details if this event is meant for those living in Canada or to all folks who are interested in continuing work in a virtual space? Additionally, would you be able to share how many people have currently signed up for it? Thank you!
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Hey Hannah - this is for folks inside and outside of Canada. The more information you share during sign-up the better we can match you based on your preferences. If we can't find a good match for you based on sign-ups, we will reach out and offer a refund.