Favorite Data Privacy Resources?

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I met with an amazing female founder whose company handles just that at TechCrunch. She also lead the team that built my very favorite software!Her name is Aimeelene Gaspar and her company is called LionX. Essentially each of the states are starting to implement their own legislative guidelines and laws and her service distills the information and keeps you abreast of changes. She's only up and running in the US right now so no EU compliance. I highly recommend reaching out to her. She's so great.
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Oh cool, I will definitely check that out!
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This isn't data privacy but I like to skim "Schneier on Security" to see what's going on in the security space... and that definitely has overlaps with privacy.https://www.schneier.com/
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Took a look and yeah, very technical! Good resource for me to try to understand those concepts. I work mostly with policy and don't have a technical background, so this is definitely helpful.
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Hello @JoGrosse I am Aimee whom Patti mentioned I am happy to chat about what we are doing to help protect consumer privacy. Also if you or anyone else is interested I wrote a whitepaper back in June on CCPA: https://mylionx.com/whitepaper-signup.html. Feel free to reach out and let’s schedule time: aimeelene@mylionx.com
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Oh I didn't realize you are on Elpha! Sending an email.