What's the challenge that you can help others to overcome? #ImposterSyndrome

Did you realise that the challenges that you have been through in your career or your life could help someone else to navigate that problem?We are all story tellers. Every day, you, you and you share your daily experiences with your friends, colleagues or significant other. What I am saying is that you share many ideas at least once a day. If you were to write them down you may spot a pattern about what to you talk about most! Perhaps that is what you should write your post, book or blog about.My book started with a small idea, which was to write a book sharing my experience so that I could inspire other women to develop confidence and share tools to help you manage Imposter Syndrome.As I am 4 days away from my EBook, Be Your No.1 Cheerleader launching worldwide on Amazon on Friday it is my wish that you too are inspired to share a story that could help others.Today I ask, what challenge do you want to help others to overcome?I want to help Women to stop being perfectionist, to stop them from Burningout, too stop them from being strong and not asking for help and feeling that they need to know everything before they take action. Because all of these things feed your Imposter Syndrome. Let's tackle it together. πŸ’–To your success!Warm Regards,Ekua πŸ’›