LEOPARD: First impressions and feedback on apphttps://bit.ly/3rW4gEz

We are trying to find the communities that would use Leopard and figure out how to get these early adopters to engage and authentically use this app. Is this for the foodies, outdoor enthusiast, rental property owners, travel bloggers, etc.

A bit about us and what Leopard is:

Leopard is a new platform to share and discover hole-in-the-walls, your favorite hidden gems, and great adventures off the beaten path.

It’s your one stop shop for finding places to go eat when you travel, finding the best local trails when you’ve never been, and overall organizing all of your favorite spots. These spots can be categorized into spot lists—creating guides and itineraries that you, your friends, or followers can use on their next trip.

You can also follow friends and your favorite people to get recommendations on where the best coffee shop is, or where you might find a ma and pa shop to support. The opportunities are endless, and we would love to see how you use leopard! Whether that’s planning trips or making your dream bucket list, we want to know!

I would be so appreciative of anyone who downloads the app, makes a spotlist, and leaves a note with their initial thoughts on the things they liked and disliked about it, and what they would most likely use it for. Any and all feedback would be greatly valued.

Thanks so much, you guys are all awesome!💛