This Black History Month the Black community is encouraging one another to get better acquainted with their ancestry. The underground digital streets have spoken and Black Descendants of Slaves are preparing for the future by collecting details of historical data.

“You can learn a lot from history, and learning about particular achievements of people who have struggled under great adversity can be tremendously inspiring to all people," said Afro-American history professor Albert Broussard, this turned into a month-long celebration and was renamed Black History Month.

Dr. Bruce Perry explains it perfectly in the deeply personal book with Oprah, What Happened To You.' "You can't heal by yourself," said the psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and trauma expert. Black History Month not only highlights important historical figures but is an educational tool that teaches individuals about their history.

In the US, February, the shortest month of the year, is when the United States celebrates Black History Month. A tradition going back until over half a century to the 1970s. Inspired by Carter G. Woodson, the “Father of Black History,” the idea of Black History Month came from Woodson's “Negro History Week” when he chose the first week of February to celebrate and raise awareness of Black history in America.

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