Climate startup hiring for software developer, content writer, and social media roles!

Hi elphas! I'm Founder & CEO of Joro, and we empower people to take effective and collective climate action. Our app makes it possible for anyone to reduce and offset their carbon footprint, connect with others taking climate action, and build a collective movement for change. We're a seed-stage startup backed by some amazing investors, and we're hiring for a few roles! We're looking for software engineers with 2-10 years of experience, a content writer, and a social media intern. Most of our team is in the Bay Area, but we're open to remote candidates across the US. Please get in touch or apply if you're interested!Sanchali
Hi Sanchali, congrats on Joro! I noticed that you're also looking for advisors. I'm an entrepreneur with some exits-turned startup coach. :-) Please let me know if you'd like to talk. Diane