How do you find a female mentor?


I'm a new founder of a tech company and brand new to the start up world. Most of my experience has been in the world of nonprofits and education.

Does anyone know how I can go about finding a female mentor or know of any groups that support new female founders? I'm looking for a place or someone I can potentially collaborate with while gaining confidence.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey, there! There's a lot of mentors here! I think ADPList is one of the popular communities too! Also, there are community mentors and founders that are mostly women at Rise that you can connect with! I've heard you can also build a company page for free there! Hope it helps!
Hi Maryrose115 Welcome to the startup world! I've been building businesses for 25 years, and working with startup founders since 2015. I also have a Slack community for founders. Feel free to book a call to chat. could be a good place to be connected to women mentors in tech, for free. Otherwise, I know Chief is a great network as well for women, albeit at a pretty substantial cost.
Are there any women who you see as role models in your network/career? I say reach out and tell them what you appreciate about their accomplishments and success and how you would appreciate the opportunity to learn from their experience. Also when networking I find it helpful to point out what you have in common, why you want them as a mentor. For example, are you alum from the same college? Did you work in similar companies/industries?
What vertical are you in? For example there are several edtech slack communities where you could network. There are paid services like Nicole Gallardo's Founders Who UX or All Raise. LinkedIn is also great if you find someone a little ahead and message them, you'd be surprised how often they're willing to step up!
I agree with @Mui80. There are many mentors here and a great, positive community. If you seek a mentor from a specific company, LinkedIn can also be a good resource. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, asking your connections who they know and how they can help is also a fun way to see who has relatives here and there that can help you.