Gender Lens Investment- Women of Color

Good morning all,I recently embarked on a research project in the Gender Lens Investment space specifically in East Africa. Is there anyone in the Elpha family who has some insights on resources to assist in the creation of a guide for investors coming into a new space and also some support material on how to assist entrepreneurs (African Women business owners/founders) to familiarize themselves with the language the industry and even the opportunities?Thanks, everyone!Christine
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@iynna not sure if you have any insights to share?
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Thank you T for tagging me! @Koi - le'ts connect offline?
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Hello Iyanna! Sounds good! email: [email protected]org
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Hi! I used to work in impact investing with Capria - which is an accelerator for first time fund managers across emerging markets: I also wrote specifically about East Africa back in 2016 :) to make intros/chat: [email protected]Hope this helps!
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Lovely! I will be reaching out