Software Engineer Roles

Hi Elphas!

I'm posting this role on behalf of my boss's client, Delpfina!

Delfina is a pregnancy care software company dedicated to helping address the maternal health crisis by creating a patient-centered pregnancy care platform that uses predictive modeling to provide individualized insights and identify pregnancy risks for users. Delfina's software monitors patient health data and coordinates with care teams so providers can proactively plan based on anticipated risk, and Delfina's software engineering team plays a critical role in building the apps and systems that run Delfina Care.

Delfina is currently looking for both junior and senior-level software engineers to join its inclusive remote workplace and strives to connect with applicants from diverse backgrounds, particularly those historically underrepresented in tech, including Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people.

Job responsibilities:

  • Contribute high quality code to the Delfina Care platform
  • Communicate clearly with engineers, designers, and product managers
  • Take initiative to improve our systems by thinking about software architecture, security, documentation, or whatever else we’re working on -- Delfina is a startup, and we’re looking for engineers who are excited for new challenges.


We are looking for both junior and senior level software engineers. And we’re open to backend, frontend, or fullstack positions. It will help if you experience in one or more of:

  • Flutter for iOS and Android or React
  • Python (FastAPI)
  • PostreSQL, GraphQL
  • GCP, GitHub Actions

Experience in healthtech, pregnancy care, machine learning, cloud operations, and design are all valuable as well!

If you are interested in learning more, please DM me, and I will connect you with my boss and the Delfina team.

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Do you have an email that that I could share with my mentees? They would be very interested in applying.
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Yes! [email protected] thanks!