Morning routine

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Hi Molly!The pandemic has changed my morning routine a lot. I used to commute to work on the train and would read/listen to podcasts on my commute. I like to focus on my morning routine carving out space for mental, physical, and emotional health. I focus on equating my morning routine to feeling good for the rest of the day instead of running on a short fuse. I usually try to get in 8-9 hours a sleep per night to set my self up for a good day. I personally like to switch my morning routine with either 45 minutes pilates or stretching/meditation. It depends on the morning. I do this before diving into work. I'll take walk breaks and screen breaks throughout the day too.
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Hello Mia!I really like that idea. It sounds like a great way to connect with your mind and body before a busy day of work. Thank you for sharing it with me ๐Ÿ˜Š