Effective outreach/cold calling techniques to escape Job Board Hell

Hello! I would love to know what kinds of templates (or resources) people use to contact companies you're interested. in. Like a lot of us I'm job searching in a toxic dead-end company, and feel like job ads are not the path forward especialy if so many jobs are unadvertised. At the same time, in person network has not picked. up again in my field (design and tech). I know part of all this job search is networking, and would love to hear success stories of when you've contacted a recruiter or employee (say someone who worked at the same company as. you, alumni etc.) and your pro-activenesss pays off in terms of at least getting you to the interview stage.

I've started passively doing this occasionally but would love to be more successful at it other than it sounding like a cold calling pitch which I think most of us are weary of.I try to both convey 'this is me, this is the value I bring, these are challenges I'm interested in - oh look, they're also your challenges, dream company, and here are some thoughts...' but honestly, it doesn't feel authentic. I would like people to walk away saying 'she sounds great' not 'she sounds desperate' and would love any ideas.

HI! I want to plug this resource to you I think it will help you in your current situation.
It's been useful for recipes and travel planning but haven't had luck getting ChatGPT to give me nuanced results but I will try again.
Definitely try again I think you want to be super goal driven because ChatGPT can be pretty standard and unpersonalised!
Hey there! Are you contacting to apply or have an informational chat? For an application something like "Hey , I just applied to this role and wanted to send you a note as well! I'm super excited for a, b reasons and would love to chat more about it!". For info chat, "Hey , I'm considering what a move into this role/company could look like for me in the next steps of my career and wondered if you had a few minutes to answer some questions for me".
When asking for someone's help, always consider what is in it for the other person. Let them know you have done your research and you think they are so experienced that they might be able to point you in the right direction. Try and stay away from too many "I" statements. Also, don't feel like you have to get what you want from the first interaction. Send a compliment or find a commonality and start from there.
When my contract ended in June, I immediately wrote a post on Linkedin saying so, and used the hashtags for the industries and titles I'm interested in. Several people, many of whom I've never met nor connected with, popped into my DMs or tagged an HM in a comment on my post. I've been interviewing but even if those referrals don't go anywhere now, I haven't lost because I've actually expanded my network. I've told ppl who actually know me that I'm looking for work also.This is my first month being unemployed by a W2 company since I was 15 years old. So I'm also using the cold email approach when researching for potential clients.What also is helpful for me is cold emailing. After I do some research, I identify the ppl at the company who are most closely related to (or in) the dept I would likely be assigned to. I've met several folks and had chats (not official interviews) with great feedback. Those companies/agencies don't have any projects for me to work on, but I'm confident if I keep following up with them every quarter, eventually something will come along that suits me!