Oakland Community

Hi All - I'm not sure how many elpha members we have in Oakland but would love to connect. I've been Oakland for the last 4 years and work at Elevate Security, a security behavior change company. Our HQ is in Berkeley and one of our former engineers showed me this community. Let me know if you want to connect online or in person.
Hi! I'm one of Elpha's founders and I'm also based in Oakland. Nice to meet you and thanks for creating this community :)
Howdy! Based in Oakland, have been here for just over 2 years. Recently transitioned into tech from health consulting and research—starting a company to help people process their thinking to capture insights, better understand themselves and connect to others. Would love to connect online or in-person! Thx for starting the community.
Once we get to January - I'll send out a few suggestions for meeting in person.