Metrics to track that you're on your way to reaching product/market fit (Tues, April 12 @ 11am EST)

Reaching product/market fit means that you have a repeatable way of acquiring customers in a cost effective way and that you are now ready to scale your business.

So, to get there quickly and efficiently is every startup's goal!

What are the metrics that will tell you you've reached product/market fit?

That's exactly what I will teach you LIVE in the How to find Product Market Fit Quickly webinar on Tuesday, April 12.

During this masterclass I’m going to show you:

  • What is Product Market Fit?
  • Product Market Fit metrics
  • A method of reaching PMF quickly
  • How to define your MVP properly to reduce the cost and time of development
  • A framework for releasing code more often so you can learn faster
  • A tactic you can use to improve your product

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