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Hey Jossie! Thanks for taking the time to share with the community here! Super impressed by your background and love that fact that your leading D&I initiatives at Tile and beyond. I've always read positive note about Tile and the workplace environment. I would be curious to get your personal perspective on how they receive the D&I efforts that you are pushing forward and what Tile does to help facilitate a more inclusive workplace?Thanks again for your time!
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Hi Whitney! Thank you for the comment. One of the reasons I actually joined Tile is the support I received from the exec team at Tile in driving these D&I initiatives. About 6 months ago, we went through the exercise of redefining our core values at Tile and one of the 5 is Better Together. This really includes our belief that an inclusive diverse workforce ​will help us create better products and be more successful. I wrote a blog post on some of the D&I initiatives we implemented here: and I'd be happy to chat more with you about it.
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Hi Jossie, I'm curious what kind of progress you've made at Tile on the D&I front relative to compensation equity for racial and gender disparities. If you have insight, what would be or has been helpful in improving this to be equitable?
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Hi Jessica, this is actually one area I still haven't had a chance to dig into yet. If I do, I'll reach out. Sorry for the late reply, was on travels this week.
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Not a problem - was travelling myself! I think that would be a great start!
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While it’s important to have these discussions, it's unfortunate that Jossie can write such a great technical post and the only comments/questions are about D&I. We need to regard women as technical leaders and not only for their views on diversity & inclusion. D&I is really important, but let's not let that conversation take away from or overshadow the technical perspectives women can contribute (we don't see enough of this as it is)
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Thank you for the comment, Ainsley! A great reminder for us all to balance showcasing expert knowledge in all fields in tech as well as D&I in the community. Really appreciate your feedback!
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Hi Ainsley, thank you for your comment. I do appreciate you recognizing my technical contributions -- I wanted to take the time to write about something technical because a lot of my posts recently have been about D&I and I wanted to have a balance.
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Hi @jossie! Thank you so much for explaining the Tile technology, I love learning more about the tech that we use (and often take for granted) and this in-depth review is awesome. Can you go into more detail about the access points and how they work? From what I understand, this allows for the working distance of the Tile to be extended in addition to using other phones as hotspots.
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Thanks for your comment! Love this question as this is one of the main two parts of my role at Tile :) I focus right now on two things - getting Tile firmware into existing Bluetooth devices so we get more Tile nodes, ​and getting Tile scanning into access points so we have more places that are scanning. We even have a partnership w/ Comcast who is putting Tile scanning into their set-top boxes. So how does it work? Well pre-access points we only had cell phones providing location updates for Tiles. When a phone sees a Tile advertising, it sends a location update up to our Tile Services backend. The access points can do the same thing, and now you have a fixed item that can help you find things. Let me provide a use case to show you the power of access points. Currently, if you have a Tile on your dog and he runs away while you were at work, you wouldn't know unless the dog triggered a community find on someone else's phone outside your house. However, if you had an access point at home, then as soon as your dog left your house, you could get a notification that the Tile is outside the area. Let me know if you have any other questions!