Recruiter reached out for a job I am not qualified for

I am currently in a dilemma. A recruiter from a company I am interested in working at reached out to me on LinkedIn for a senior data engineer position. I have 2 years of work experience as a software developer and have basic data analytics knowledge. Should I still apply for the opportunity given my lack of experience in the field? Any advice

I've seen this a lot, and have personally received multiple recruiter messages about jobs I'm not remotely qualified for. It shows that they didn't bother to look at the candidate's profile before reaching out, which sets both you and the prospective employer up to have your time wasted. However, if you'd like to keep open a line of communication with the recruiter for future prospects, you could respond with something along the lines of:"Hi [recruiter name],Thank you for reaching out, but this role does not align with my [background / skillset / level of experience]. However, I would be happy to connect and please feel free to reach out if you have any [job title you're targeting] roles in the future.Thank you,[your name]"
Great advice! Thank you
What is the worst thing that could happen by you taking the call?Why not use it as an opportunity to ask the recruiter questions and practice your interview skills?At worst, you don't get moved ahead in the process. At best, you get an opportunity to interview at the company and who knows.Why self select?
I don't mean to be discouraging, but some times recruiters reach out to people who aren't qualified so that they have some easy "nos" on the list they give the client or just to gauge interest of potential candidates. I would reach out to the recruiter with something like, "I'm very flattered that you'd consider me for this role, but I don't think my experience (2 years) is a match for the requirements. I'd love to work for company X so don't want to apply for a position I'm not yet qualified for. Can you please explain why you think this position is a good match for me? If it's not, I'd love to be considered for other roles there that more closely match my level."
I like this response. Thank you
I've read that one of the easiest ways that men get promoted is because they will apply for jobs they are only 50-70% qualified for. Do you feel like you could do the job? If so, I would apply for it and include a cover letter explaining why you are a good fit for the role, despite your lack of field experience. The worst that could happen is you waste some time.If you don't think you could do the job at this time, then I would respond like the post you replied to, including the exact reason you don't think you're qualified. The part you think is important may not be as important at that company, or they may have a role you could take while they move someone else into the senior position.
Joining the chorus of folks suggesting you take the call anyway. Don't be afraid to ask more about the level of experience required for the role. Focus on asking about about the tangible skills required, not YOE. If it still sounds too senior for you, you can always offer that to the recruiter and let them know you'd like to stay in touch about future opportunities more aligned with your background.