Welcome to Elpha Spain!

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Hi Debli, I've just joined Elpha and I'm in Barcelona.
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Hi Donna! So glad to see another Elpha in Spain :)
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Hola! This is Stela I'm from Madrid but based in Lisbon at the moment
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Hola Stela! How long have you been in Lisbon? It's a place I have never visited but always hear good things about.
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Almost 2 years now, we came in May 2018. We were previously based in Dubai, but we were both working from home (my husband had his eCommerce running for 10 years) so we wanted a change. This place is amazing and we absolutely love it, there is not as much movement as you may find in Madrid or Bcn, but things are moving fast, and the ecosystem is growing every day with new startups and companies moving here. Beautiful as well. Let me know when you come for a visit! How is Madrid?
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Sounds great! I'm in Barcelona, I've been here for 5 years and I've seen the startup scene here grow so much over the last few years, I'm career chaining at the moment my background is in business and education but I'm moving into UX design and thinking about, well working towards going freelance and building up experience. Before we moved here we were in Galicia, my partner is from there but I moved from the UK to Galicia back in 2010. I'll let you know if I'm ever in Lisbon and do the same if you're ever here or head north to Galicia! Have a great weekend!
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Hey everyone, my name is Lilla and I'm based in Barcelona. Looking to make new friends professionally and personally as well, so send me a message if you are working in the startup scene here or ready for a hike in the mountains :)
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I'm also located in Madrid :)